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3 Is A Charm

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Featuring FREE Email Marketing & More

Yes, Email Marketing is Still KING!

A recent Datran Media survey reports that email is still the number one marketing tactic for producing results.

Of the marketers surveyed, 80% replied that email was their most effective online marketing strategy. Search engines followed at over 57%, followed by display ads at 42%.

Emailís dominance is not particularly surprising; as it's always been a highly effective online marketing technique.

What IS surprising, however, is that despite many marketers' pre-occupation with interactive ads and video...

The greatest results are still achieved by simple email.

YES, Email Marketing is one of the MOST successful strategies used for gaining new:

  • Business Partners
  • List members
  • Newsletter subscribers
                       and most importantly...

So of course, Email Marketing is our Cornerstone and Flagship Product!
3 Is A Charm Free Credit Based Email Ads - Free Credit Solos - Free List Solos - Solo Ads

MORE 3 Is A Charm Benefits

  • We Guarantee YOUR Page Will Be Viewed!

    3 Is A Charm members WILL view your offer because they receive spendable credits automatically when they visit other members' websites!

    Members' Text and Banner Ads are rotated on every page of our site PLUS in the timer frame when earning credits!

  • Generous Free Sign Up and Monthly Credits

    Use them to send your email ads to our list members PLUS for banner and text ad impressions!

  • Earn Commissions On Your Referrals' Upgrades and Credit Package Purchases!


3 Is A Charm Features

  • FREE List Solo Ads

    For our members who want their ads to STAND OUT from the crowd and get viewed FIRST, List Solo Ads are now added FREE to every member (number dependent on membership level) and can be sent to all active members' List email address in text or HTML whenever you wish, even with our exclusive 24 hour timer! Our List Solo Ads contain EXTRA CREDITS so they are sure to be read first!

  • FREE Credit Solo Ads

    Members can now grab a STAND ALONE ad that will be sent to all active members' Contact email address using their credits instead of cash!

  • Ad Send Timer

    Set your ads to be sent when YOU want them sent with our exclusive 24 hour timer!

  • NO Login to Earn Credits

    While some sites make you login to view ads and click links for credits, our credit links come directly to YOUR inbox for easy credit-earning anytime. Just login at least once a month to remain ACTIVE!

  • Lottery Links

    Each email has a chance of containing a Lottery Link which will win random extra credits.

  • HTML Visual Ad Creator

    Get your readers' attention with your choice of fonts, colors, even graphics! (Upgraded feature only)


    No auto-join or submitters are allowed access to our membership!

  • Regular Contests

    Active Reader/Clicker and Referral Contests with valuable prizes keep our members actively reading YOUR ads and bringing YOU more potential customers!

  • Bounce Handling

    So that you don't waste your time and money on dead accounts, 3 Is A Charm uses a specialized Bounce Management system which ensures you're mailing to ACTIVE MEMBERS (unlike other lists where members can be inactive for months or even years!).

  • Vacation Setting

    Turn your account off at any time to prevent your inbox from filling up while you're away.


  • Contact Solo Ads

    Members (and non-members) can now purchase a STAND ALONE ad that will be sent to all active members' Contact email address.  Unlike other safelists, our solo ads contain NO OTHER ADS BUT YOURS!  They also contain EXTRA CREDITS - Be sure to read them!  See our current Advertising Options here.


  • Header Email Ads (and more!)

    Members (and non-members) can now purchase a header ad space in every email our members send out for a full 2 weeks!  See our current Advertising Options here.


  • Extra Advertising Options

    3isaCharm has many advertising options to fit your budget! You can even use credits to purchase a solo ad! See how many ways we can help you expose your offers here.

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